My Insites Foreword

[note: This foreword was published in the Insites: The Book book. You can buy it now by clicking that link in the previous sentence. Figured I’d reprint it here to help spread the word.0 ]

Chris1 and I started Brooklyn Beta2 under the mantra of “Make something you love.” Take a look, dearest of dear readers, at what you hold in your hands3. That warmth radiating through your palms is love4. And love is what we need more of in this weird, 2D industry of ours. We need more ways of adding depth - a little meat and bones - to our online relationships.

We’ve been trying. We devised 48 x 48 px representations of ourselves5 to compensate for not being able to see each other face to face. We tap out 140 character quips and blog posts6 because we don’t have traditional conversations. We take filtered, square photos of every latte, sunset, or adorable baby7 moment so we can share experiences from afar.

This is a very now-centric kind of storytelling and we’re getting good at it. I can easily find out what you’re thinking, reading, watching, and feeling right now. What I can’t get is context. I have little sense of the past that brought you to that thought or the future that will bring you to your next thought / latte photo.

We need more of this kind of context. We need insite8 into each other’s past and future if we’re going to grow closer as a community. And it’s only through such closeness that we’ll have a real shot at driving the web and the world in a meaningful direction. The interviews in this book will help us. After reading through them Tina, Tim, Andy, Cameron, Jason, Jeffrey, Sarah, Trent, Simon, Jon, Ron, Josh, Ethan, Alex, Brendan, Mandy, Jim, Dan, Ian, Kevin & Daniel feel more real to me. Even the folks who I see on the regular have become more vivid. We owe Kier and Elliot a hearty thanks for putting so much love into this work. More please.

  1. 0 Also because they printed it without the footnotes.* *which is decidedly less good and some of the jokes no longer make sense.
  2. 1 Shiflett
  3. 2 the sexy-sweet conference I run with Chris and the other fine Fictive Kin folk
  4. 3 This may require grasping your monitor or picking up your tablet / smartphone
  5. 4 or the aforementioned monitor / device
  6. 5 If we’re lucky, these tiny frames contain an actual face.* *I am not a pipe.
  7. 6 RIP?
  8. 7 /kitten
  9. 8 see what I did there?